UX Case Study: Travel Wallet App


Travel Wallet App is a mobile tracking expenses app for travellers to see a summary of their expenses to help them better monitor their daily spending and manage their expenses on the go. The final prototype was done in Invision, while the wireframe was designed in Sketch.

Travel Wallet Mobile App prototype
Travel Wallet Mobile App prototype was created using Sketch and Invision

Identifying Problem

The tourism industry has experienced steady growth almost every year worldwide. However, many return from vacations overspending.

74% of Americans admitted falling into debt of more than $1,100 after returning from a holiday. – bbc.com

Understand Users Travelling Spending Habits

After gathering the results through affinity mapping from 5 users who travel for vacations. The key insights were:

Research Interviews Key Insights
Research Interviews Key Insights

The main features for the prototype includes:

Features for the prototype
Features for the prototype

While working on the user flow and sketching the interface, I conducted 3 rounds of usability tests and made design iterations to improve the overall user experience. The challenges were designing a helpful graph with all the required information yet simple to understand and providing a simplified expenses breakdown without overwhelming the user.


Final Prototype was done in Invision. Wireframe was done in Sketch