Curious Dialogues

Art Direction, Illustration

Curious Dialogues is a visual dialogue of two. We interpret each word with our drawings. This pet project started in 2015 using Instagram platform as @curiousdialogues.

Curious Dialogues

Curious Dialogues

Word: Dulcet

Music Begins where Language Ends

Thoughts: The Magic Of Music.

Curious Dialogues

Word: Umbrella

Love and Protect Yourself

Thoughts: An important reminder to myself.

Curious Dialogues

Word: Solar

I Will Shine For You

Thoughts: Sunny Sunday.

Curious Dialogues

Word: Scintilla

Holy Shit

Thoughts: A truly holy shit moment when my nephew tore my art piece and drew at the back.

Curious Dialogues

Word: Atlas

Ocean Air Salty Hair

Thoughts: In simplest terms, water makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface and the oceans hold about 96.5% of all Earth's water. Not only do I enjoy the beach, I love the ocean breeze.

Curious Dialogues

Word: Gift

It's the Thought That Counts

Thoughts: Heartfelt gifts.

Word: Memory

Tuning for Reception

Thoughts: I have bad memory.

Curious Dialogues

Word: Luna

Your True Nature Is Luminous

Thoughts: I am a blur sotong.
"Blur like sotong" is a Singlish phrase that combines the word "blur" (Unaware of what is going on), with the Malay word "sotong" (Squid).

Curious Dialogues

Word: Chance

Grab The Golden Opportunity

Thoughts: Follow blindly.

Word: Senectitude

The Sound of Peace

Thoughts: Life is short. May the last stage of your life be at peace, like the soothing sound of the sea

Curious Dialogues

Word: Mother

Growing up with my Sunshine

Thoughts: To my bubbly, lovely mum.

Curious Dialogues

Word: Dark

Late Nights = Dark Circles

Thoughts: Panda Eyes.

Word: Dance

Dancing Pencil Shavings

Thoughts: Ballet Tutu or Pencil Shavings?

Curious Dialogues

Word: Baroque

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Thoughts: Moths are dull coloured insect compared to butterflies.

Curious Dialogues

Word: Plastic

Sealed News: Newspapers should be sealed in plastic boxes – JH, OCD reader

Thoughts: I hate putting newspaper directly in my tote bag.

Word: Technology

Technology Woes

Thoughts: First-world problems.